I was reading this article, some time ago and I had the idea of making my own version since I considered the original a bit childish and a little far from my taste. Maybe I'll make a more childish version, who knows? Anyway, here are 7 things that make a guy attractive in my opinion:

1. Manicured hands. And I don't mean nail lacquer (hell no!) I am just talking about clean, nice looking hands. Long fingers and proeminent veins bring extra points! haha
2.Ability to drive car. I probably am the only one, but I think a good driver is very attractive. I think it shows that a man has a lot of potential of taking good care of his girlfriend.
3. Diverse knowledge. Call me old fashion, but I think a man should defintely know how to use a hammer, some basic geography knowledge and who Mario Vargas Llosa is. There's nothing more attractive than a man who is able to have a decent conversation and can teach you things.
4. Great taste in movies and music. Okay, this is a very subjective one but I think you can find a lot of things about a man from the last 5 movies he has seen and his playlist.
5.Clumsy compliments. Okay, let me explain. I am a ferm believer that is not in the nature of a man to make compliments. It's not their fault and I'm not bothered with it at all. I actually prefer clumsy honest compliments about a little detail that I'm glad he noticed, than a very elaborate one he's seen in a movie.
6. Self Confidence. This is a cliche but completely true. Going out with someone extremely insecure can be so exhausting and can make you feel extremely uncomfortable.
7. Interest in sport. I am not talking about watching a basket ball game or a soccer one, I am talking about you being interested in practicing a sport or just going to the gym. It shows you are interested in the way you look and care about your health. And that makes you incredibly attractive.



Two years ago, I bought a beautiful coat from a second hand store. It was new by the way, with the tag on. It was simply gorgeous, oversized, with the perfect length and with an original cut. I didn't have any idea back then that I have found a gold mine, now oversized seems to be the word of the day when it comes to fashion.
Why camel? Because I think it's the perfect color for fall. Oversized pastel coats are a big trend at the moment, but I never buy pastels because it doesn't quite fit me.

First two images are from the Stella McCartney collection and the other two from Chloe.

Here are some ideas to create an outfit based on the camel coat:

With a classic combination of black and white. White shirt and classic black pants, paired with masculine shoes and a patent leather briefcase. Simple and fabulous!

With an all white combination. I'd choose a minimalist white dress and pure white accesories. I'd wear it on a sunny warm day, to get a coffee or to take a long walk.

Years go by and I get the feeling I'll never be able to let go of animal print. I find so chic! It can transform any boring outfit in a chic one! I'd dare to match a printed top, with black skirt and sneakers. All combined with a small bag and cat eye sunglasses.

I'll always be a fan of green and red combination. I think the secret is to use them in different proportions, for example it I choose a green dress, I'll use red in a smaller amount, like a red bag or maybe a red hat. Never a red coat. In this case, I just think the camel cool everything off and the result is extra stylish.

Camel  and dark blue look amazing together. I'd choose some skinny jeans and a shirt to keep a balanced proportion between the oversized coat and the rest of the outfit. Brown accesories or maybe golden ones, would complete the outfit.


Altough I didn't enjoy sales like I used to, I couldn't exactly stay away so here are 5 things I managed to buy during sales, between working for my final project and....working for my final project. Did you enjoy sales this season, emptied your wallet and filled up your closet? I felt like the collections didn't suit me, I hardly found something I really liked..

5. The printed top. This top was cheaper than a pack of cigarettes so there are 30% chances I bought it for this reason. But on a second thought, how amazing is that print and the fact that is monochrome and goes well with almost all my wardrobe?

4. The nude dress. To be completely honest this isn't something I would normally wear and probably even see in the store. I needed something for my graduation, something chic but serious at the same time and if possible, not boring. I saw it and tried it on without too many expectations and completely fell in love in the dressing room. It's so delicate and retro and it can be styled in many ways. For my graduation I opted for nude platform sandals and a colorful statement necklace.

3. The army vest. This was the smartest buy I made this summer. I will probably wear it couple of times this summer and probably hundreds of times during autumn. Can't wait to pair it with capri pants and patent loafers.

2. The black sandals. Had my eyes on this pair of sandals since it first made an appearance. Pretty perfect but kind of expensive for my budget at that time. The sales came and my number was gone. Until one day when my number came back in stock and totally made my day. They are extremely comfortable and look perfect.

1. The good luck charm bracelet. The last thing that I needed was a bracelet (and I quote J.Lo in "my love don't cost a thing" haha). But the most important thing that I needed was a good luck charm. So I bought this and put all my hopes in it. So far it didn't  disspoint me and it looks really good.



 I feel like someone lied to me in school. You know, they teach you the four seasons: autumn, winter, spring, summer. But I'm not buying it anymore. Nowadays it feels more like autumn, winter, summer, autumn, spring, summer again and then autumn and so on.
How to survive these changes, how to survive the constant need to organise your wardrobe, pushing backwards and forwards the sandals and the boots, the light jackets and the furry ones? It's exhausting.
Living in a rainy city doesn't help either. It's despressing and it's consuming all of my inspiration for daily outfits. So I made a plan and thought about some tips:
  • Always have a scarf in your bag. A big one if possible. Why? Because sometimes it's more useful than an umbrella. (that doesn't always fit in your bag). There are days when it rains for 10 minutes then it stops and then it rains again after 30 minutes. These are the days when the scarf is your best friend, you can wear it as a shwal over a light jacket or use it to cover your head. There are many styles available to do so and almost all of them look fashionable.

  •  Invest in some specific items. You know for rain. Waterproof if possible. There are many options available, you can choose between the classic trench, the parka and the see-through nylon jackets or the printed ones. Try to choose something that might cheer you up on a rainy day. Like a fun umbrella.

rainy days


  • Don't let the rain get you down. Psyhically speaking. And most important don't let it stand in your way of your normal fashion choices. Instead of wearing every day your favorite parka, try to have fun with some layers. Now it's the perfect time to wear the summer combinations you can't actually wear in the middle of the summer when it's crazy hot. Like a dress with boots, leather pants, knits over romantic dresses etc. Take inspiration from Taylor Tomassi who smiles at the rain even without an umbrella and Leandra Medine who makes the umbrella the perfect accesory for her mixing prints outfit.

Last but not least, my favorite outfits inspiration comes from Blair Eadie, from atlantic pacific.

Hope you liked it!


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