luni, 30 august 2010

burberry fall

i started some time ago with the fall collections and now looks like autumn is actually catching up. so we don't want to be caught of garde, right?

Maybe you remember how desperate i was looking for military jackets in the burberry men collection (i know how much my boyrfriend likes them) and guess what? i found them on the women collection and they are great!! Classic line and simple details, they are so perfect for this autumn. i cannot tell you how much i loved the pants, i haven't seen in a long time such beautiful pants with a line like that. plus the colour! i enjoyed the collection, the somehow classic line and the turns it gets from time to time by adding a little colour, or a feminine detail, or a fur, or a dress..and i loved how they continued in some elements the spring collection. (picture 1-first silouhette, picture 3-3rd,4th-silouhette). if you don't remeber the spring collection, quick reminder here.

source of photos:
collages: made by me

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