sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

this is why i love the internet. you can stare at sartorialist's (lately) posts and forget about your simple life, summer nights always the same, loneliness and other frustrations. you can find inspiration and at the same time admire those happy people and so confident with themselves, with chic (and expensive) clothes and the air of holidays always surrounding them. these are my latest favourites :
first of all the SMILE. and then the prints. i love the prints and how she combined them. i love the vivid colour. i love the vivid colour together with the animal print. i love it because looks like a polyvore set i normally do.
 this picture could be one of my favourite ever. makes me wanna buy a bike. even i dislike ridding a bike. also i bet she doesn't have traffic issues, you have to be a crazy man no to let a woman with an outfit and some legs like she has, to cross the street before you. ladies first!

not sure i like the tie this way. on him looks good, but in general? i think it would give me the impression of trying to much to be original. love the colours (i recently discovered that camel can be kind of perfect with bleumarin, grey or black) and the details. the H of the hermes belt, it's not a show off, it just happens to be there and be a hermes item, the little dots on the tie, the perfect jacket and the length of its sleeves, the sun glasses. perfectly put together.
if you are in a couple, i'm sure you secretly (or not secretly) wish you and your boyfriend looked like that. and when i say like that i mean: in love, extremely chic, extremely happy.
if you are in a couple and you look like this: congratulations!
white and brown are so stylish together. nowadays you can be so cool wearing vintage sunglasses. round shape of frames if possible. and also love the colour accent of the outfit, with that small piece of material with little dots. men should do this more often!
i've always loved contrasts. but not exactly the ones that scream contrast (sweatpants with high heels).
contrast like this one: feminine versus masculine. this kind of mistery.  yes, she has an ultra romantic dress but with that jacket buttoned up(no trace of the romantic dress) she still looks chic but military style. plus, she gives me the impression of a woman who slept at her fiance's house, and in the morning she borrowed his jacket. and still looked incredible.

all pictures via sartorialist.
all comments: made by me.
all spelling and grammar mistakes: made by me (my tired eyes waiting for the glasses can't do anything about it ).

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  1. Very pretty pictures. I really love the outfit the girl has on with the guy, I love how she paired everything together! And they do look really happy together!


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