joi, 16 septembrie 2010

emporio armani fall 2010

what can i say? I just adore the fashion for the this fall. I have never seen such beautiful collections for the runaway. i'm having a hard time to pick outfits for my collages, imagine how would I manage in real life picking outfits for myself! i know why i love this season's fashion: because it promotes The Relaxed Woman. look at all the clothes, you don't see anything to tight, to short, to uncomfortable to wear. except of course the incredible high heels, but I think that maybe I'm the only one having problems with heels.As I was saying:  The Relaxed Woman with a great career and also a night life.
this collection is incredible. black and white, neutral tones, masculine touch, oversized jewelry, unique details. in just a few words, what's there not to love?

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