marți, 14 septembrie 2010

impossible is nothing

this is my favourite quote. today, for the first in a long time, i really felt that this is true. impossible is nothing.
it just hit me, i can have anything i want. anything in the world. even that chanel bag.
instead of counting the celebrities who have a chanel bag and counting how many chanel bags are there still left in the world, i can actually do something to make one mine.
this feeling won't stay long, but for now everything looks simple.
with this quote in my head, smiling and feeling proud of my discovery i also discovered something else. something that sustains this lovely quote. unfortunetly, the thing i discovered isn't lovely at all.
is this normal? is this true? is this FASHION?
and what about you, all you animal lovers, you criticize designers for using fur and leather and you don't make anything about this??? i'm speechless and prefer to remain this way, because nothing good will be said about gaga and this horrible parade she's always making.

and to think she owns chanels and birkins.....what has she in common with style and good taste?

source of the meat photos

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