miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011


While I'm preparing some articles, please just sit and enjoy this great collection of photos. And let them inspire you..

 Yes, I'm obsessed with Chanel, But the vintage one, how to explain? I'm obsessed with Coco and what she has created.
Don't think I'm a freak, just sit and think how many people are obsessed with chanel. Look at some pictures above, we take pictures at the chanel shopping paper bags and make them art! even owning a paper bag with chanel written on it, it's something to brag about! :)

*I can't mention sources, I collect these pictures for a long time but I can say I don't take credit for any of them, if you know any source, please mention it and I will publish it on this post.

2 comentarii:

  1. I just today received a book about Coco's life :) I suppose you've seen the Audrey Tatou movie?

  2. Aham.....Super super super. m-a marcat pe viata!


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