luni, 31 ianuarie 2011


 Students hate January and fashionstas love it. It's the season of great sales and not so great exams. I am both (student+fashionista) so it's kind of hard to take the decision: Do I hate or love January?
If you are a student: I wish you to have the best of luck with exams, if you are a fashionista, well... I wish exactly the same, the best of luck with treasure hunting....So..
 Was it good or really really good? I can't complain, I've found some pretty nice items but I had the biggest bad luck with shoes as far as I can remember. There must be someone in town wearing my size and my exact tastes. And she's always one step ahead. grrrrr!
I bought this dress because i'm totally obsessed with dresses and I want my collection to increase as much as possible this spring and because the fabric has a nice texture and the colour is amazing. Plus the metal earrings with such minimalistic look that I adore. The prices were minimalistics too. How can you not love Minimalism? :)
Did I tell you I love dresses? I may  love skirts even more! I couldn't say no to this ones, look at the lovely prints! I may be a little late with the bird prints (see Miu Miu from last year) but I'm in love with it now.
These earrings weren't exactly bought, I made them myself actually but they are a new purchase. They are one of a kind, made using genuine leather, some hard material that imitates lace and metalic accesories.
These are the prints from my new purchases, in the second picture, on the right is a corset, I forgot to take pictures of it but I can tell you it's quite beautiful and romantic.

And now I'm trully honoured to present you "la piece de resistance":
My awseome new bag, which was the best investement this season, totally eco and totally worth it.

Hope you are all happy with your new purchases!

PS: I decided I love January. Finding great items that I've been lusting for months, at low and accesibile prices is totally worth it.

P S 2: One of the new year's resolution for this blog was to add  more personal touches. This is the first one :)

3 comentarii:

  1. I love the dresses, and I'm surprised that I don't recognize them from any store. I bought the navy bird skirt too, and loved the mushroom one! and yes, all of those prints are adorable, so what if Miu Miu is over it? :)

    p.s. I like the idea of a more personal touch to the blog!

  2. The bird skirt is amazing!
    You should make a post with your finds, I would be very interested!!

  3. maybe you should post some outfits :P
    at least on the big bad wardrobe? ;;)


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