joi, 17 februarie 2011

burberry prorsum

 I'm again far behind with the collections. New York fashion week is happening now and the fall collections are now everywhere. Honestly, I really can't think about the next fall when I have an upcoming spring (that I wait more than you can imagine)  to attend. I simply can't watch clothes for winter and autumn. So I'm gonna do it my way. 
Here it is Burberry Prorsum, with a kind of autumn look may I say, only the intense colours make me think about spring. It made me think it's probably the time to buy a leather jacket. I don't own any, how strange am I? A mettalic one would be great if I had anything in my wardrobe to match it with.
Thumbs up or thumbs down for burberry?

A bientot,

Un comentariu:

  1. love this collection! I really like how they reinterpreted the leather jacket and the trench coat with all those neon belts 8-> want!


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