joi, 10 februarie 2011

My oh my!

The spring is almost knocking on our door and I haven't publish any collage with the spring collections. you know what they say: Better late than never.
But first things first:
I was hoping for colours explosions and nude tones and superflu clothes, comfy and translucide and I have to tell you, I was a little dissapointed. I found many many total black looks, leather, one tone only-outfits. Not my idea of spring at all. But then again: they are the designers, who am I to judge their choices? And then again #2 it's not like I'm always buying designer clothes and this spring I will not have where to spend my money on clothes.
I present you Dolce&Gabbana, my favorite collection this season (on the same place with chloe):

Source of photos:
last photo:

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  1. Dolce&Gabbana accurately caught the essence of spring & summer with this collection... so ethereal.. beautiful!

  2. also (offtopic), i just visited your tumblr & remembered I got a lovely brooch from you this December at a fair :D small world isn't it?


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