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brooch brooch brooch

My new obssesion! So I was in this permanent search of my style and how to define it. The mistery has been solved since I've discovered my passion to combine things that apparently don't match. In combining brooches, I mean, I still like to wear simple clothes. My collection of accesories is increasing with the speed of light, especially since I'm making some, (piece of advice: don't start to make jewelry or clothes if you don't have a ridicolous closet at home), I started with the earrings, then with necklaces and now with brooches. And you know what? I have great friends that help me with increasing my collection.

Here is part of my collection, part of them vintage from my mother, part of them made by me but I want to show you my new achievements:
The brooch in the front, with a nice looking lady painted is from murmu and I like to wear it with a total black look. The girl is so stylish, and it reminds me of the miu-miu runaway models from last year, with their lovely braids. I also like the red detail, only the lips!

I participated at a swap, organised by a handmade online magazine and yesterday I received the lovely present.I'd like to thank Mihaela for making this lovely brooch, with this vintage look, lace and the lovely details. It was exactly what I wanted. I love surprises, it was very nice wrapped but I ripped it of before arriving home! :)) big thanks to Mihaela, again!

 This is a lovely pendant that my boyfriend bought for me at the fair I attended! The fair was great, to be honest, and I also got to take home some nice items. coming up next!
p.s I'm not a cat person but this had a strange effect on me, I wanted it so badly!!
p.s 2 I also met the artist, check out her blog, she makes many nice things!!! click here. She also had a catalog with models wearing the accesories made by her. I loved the idea, I'm seriously thinking about doing a catalog when I'll have some spare time. I already found the model, but she doesn't know ..yet! :)

I received this lovely fox as a gift also from my boyfriend. No words needed, But I can tell you I'm wearing it non stop since the first day of march.

This is a very special piece that I got from a very special person. I wore it the other day and has a great impact on a simple look. I loved the idea since the begininning and now I'm happy that this is mine!
Another bonus that I received from the same person and that I am wearing non stop is this lovely pin.

The creator of this lovely items is Daria from Kittenhood.

Last but not least are this brooches that gave me an addiction. Unfourtunetly, the artists that are making this beauties don't have a site or an online shop. Probably, for me it is better this way, I wouldn't stop buying them! I so love the mix of different elements. I'm  building my whole wardrobe based on this concept.

This one is made by me, and it's part of my newest collection (Im having trouble with saying this, I'm trying not to take myself this seriously as an accesory designer) and I loved it to much to be able to sell it.

Hope you like my collection and can inspire you in some way.


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  1. aww! :)thanks for the lovely introduction!
    I must say I love the brooch from your collection too! will show it off soon on the blog :)
    And I noticed the cat pendant at the fair, loved it, of course. But who made the fox? it's so, so pretty!

    are these the girls with the brooches? http://www.scarfsstuff.blogspot.com/ I couldn't find acutal brooches but I'd say it's their style.

    long comment short, I really liked your post and do share more of your purchases and finds!

  2. I don't know who did the lovely fox, I have another brooch bought two years ago from the same artist, but every time was such a madness around the seller that I didn't manage to get his name or card. I'll try to find out.
    I think that the girls with the scarfs are the same ones with the brooches, you're right, the style it's kind of the same.

    p.s big thanks for posting one of my pictures on your tumblr. :*

  3. look....my brooch is there too..yeyyy!!

  4. Murmu, I added your link too. My sister is also proud of her's too. Big thanks!!!


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