sâmbătă, 19 martie 2011


so I've been watching facehunter's blog, since I haven't done it in a while (too much sartorialist influence from a certain person :D) and it was fun and here are my thoughts:
-it's kindda refreshing to see some people with dust on their shoes, with imperfect hair and nails, with no make up on.. I mean, sartorialist is great -GREAT- but don;t you ever get the feeling that people on his blog look so flawless, like they just came out from a magazine cover? It's his trademark and congrats for that, he does such a good- GOOD- job but from time to time I just like to see some imperfections!
-I got tons of ideas for my accesories line, people on his website really wear accesories, no doubt about it!!
-I found the best ways to wear dark blue-navy- my favourite colour ever next to grey;
-I felt the urge to go searching lost treasuries at fairs and second hand shops!
-I made a pact to myself to wear a different bag every day. Until I'll run out of bags;
-I realised I will never be brave enough to post outfit post since I'm becoming extremely shy in front of the camera. Here's my secret!
This is my favourite look this month and I'm keeping it close for inspiration. Love the lentgth of pants.
Now there's a clever way to combine accesories, prints and textures!
All the items on this post are on my wishlist! How weird is that?
Two looks, one item. From a side you're wearing white, from the other side you're wearing black.
Now this is what I call a smart choice!
 And this is what I call a smart choice of colours and a flawless outfit!

Where do you get your inspiration?


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