marți, 15 martie 2011


I saw it on Giovanna Battaglia and I instantly remembered that this is a fashion rule that my mother hardly breaks. I remember that she had a thing for shoes, in the '80 she owned a pretty impressive collection: pink, yellow, all tones of brown etc but the hardest part came when she started her search for matching bags. Imagine finding a nice pink bag! Not only that she was matching her bag with shoes but also with belt and clips earrings. How cool was  that??? Anyway,she  was waiting for the trend to come back and I think that her wish may come true. I must admit that I never match my shoes with my bag, but now I think I 'm falling for this. Seeing Giovanna looking so stylish and remebering my mother's wardrobe, made me a "matching shoes and bag" enthusiast.

What do you say? Thumbs up or down?

Untitled by Niska featuring platform high heels

Let my know what do you think about this.
I'm starting the project to find bags that match my shoes and viceversa. 


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  1. I guess it works to a certain extent. I mean if you're not freakishly matching everything :)


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