duminică, 10 aprilie 2011

Fluorescent colours

I wasn't a big fan of them but somehow I felt the need to see them this spring. I just wanted to see colours and crazy prints everywhere mixed with floral prints and nude tones to cool the atmosphere down.
But since the furla bags first made an appereance I have to tell you I'm much more interested in this trend than before. So here is how it goes. I love the trend and I'm ready to embrace it but in my style. only in small details.
 The Furla bags are perfection to me, the best match this season: fluo and transparent and so....not right for my everyday bag.

Untitled by Niska featuring furla bags
Since I have to carry al that crap stuff for school all day long in my bag...not that glam!
So I made a selection of great items that can spice up my wardrobe but keeping it simple and not catching to much attention on my outfit. Because I try to never achieve that.
Hope you enjoyed my post! Meanwhile, Andy from stylescrapook made a very nice bracelet inspired by proenza schouler. Check it out, it's perfect for spring!


2 comentarii:

  1. I'm crazy about the bags! and I love your shoe picks :)

  2. I just saw the best shoes at BB-up - http://www.bbup.ro/bbup.php?cat=1&detalii=191 - but with neon pink(ish) at the top :D


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