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My fashion rules

We all have our own fashion rules, because this one of the fun things about fashion. To play with it, reinvent it and the most important adapt it to yourself. Here are my all time fashion rules, I have some that change from one year to another as my taste in clothes sometimes does.
*Note: the fashion rules weren't written in order of their importance, the top is random. :)

1. Change as many times as needed before leaving the house, if you're not comfortable in the clothes you're in.
I, sometimes picture outfits that in practice make me extremly uncomfortable or worse, I don't feel like myself. And that is something I can't bare an entire day, so I never leave the house this way. I sometimes miss classes or get late until I find something that I feel comfortable in. This is my most important fashion rule, that I  never break.

2. I never wear large top with large bottoms.
This is another fashion rule that I hardly break. I never wear large tops with large or masculine pants or I never wear skinny pants with tight tops. Except when I'm aiming for a catwoman look, which happens once-twice a year. :)

3. I never wear at the same time: -earrings and necklace;
                                                   -necklace and brooch;
                                                   -bracelet and ring;
I have this obssesion with jewelry and accesories as long as I can remember and I simply don't like the items mentioned, together. I always believe that less is more. For an outfit I usually pick one single item : earrings or neckalce or brooch. I like the abundance of jewelry on others but I just can't stand it on myself.

4. I never wear less than 3 colours in an outfit.
I simply can't stand an outfit created with only 2 colours and with the obsession to match everything with everything. Or, the worst case of all, to create an outfit with only 2 colours but different shades of them.

5. I love to match silver with golden, especially when it comes to jewelry.
Try it before raising your eyebrow, you might actually like the result. ;)

6. I like to have an "emergency" outfit.
Emergency outfit means the outfit you feel extremely comfortable in, and that waits for you in the closet every time your inspiration fails to come. Of course, it will not be the same every time. For exemple: my emergency casual outfit is a total black one/ total grey one with animal print accesories and red lipstick/ statement accesories. And for a special night, I bought every time I had the ocassion, sequin items (blouse, vests and jacket) at extremely low prices (vintage, thrifted) so this way I'm never unprepared. :D

7. Improvise.
This is something I used to do very often in higschool, now it seems like I 've settled down a bit, but I'm not sure that this is a positive thing. Anyway, here is what I'm saying: on a simple top or blouse that seems so ..unfinished just throw some brooches that aparently don't match. Just try to find some connection between them, like a shade of the same colour, or a bow or something. This is my new favourite thing, I wear 2-3-4 brooches at the same time and the outfit looks so exquisite with such minimum effort.

* note about the post nr. 1 I realised I didn't write the clichee: when picking the clothes pick something that fits you, don't choose something only because it's trendy and doesn't compliment your figure. I really don't know what to say about this. I say: WEAR WHAT YOU WANT AND LIKE. the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.

8. Buy a pair of flats in a strong colour and a pair of classic black heels.
I'm telling you, these pairs of shoes can save you from a lot of troubled situations.

9. Don't be afraid to match some prints.
Dots with another type of dots, stripes with dots, geometric with floral. Just try it.

10. Buy only clothes made from quality material.
This is a relative new fashion rule for me and I can say  that experience taught me. You can choose an item extremly fashionable but made from a bad material and I'm telling you, after 3-4 wash-ups it will be good to go. Not a good bargain, right? If you're on a low budget as I am, be patient, wait for the sales! :)) You can pick the items you've dreamed to an entire season at good prices. Buy one single item that worths every penny instead buying 3-4 that I'll be throwning away in a few weeks. And also think about your future fashionable daughter, you have to give her some really nice  future vintage items. (Only good quality items will accomplish this mission)  ;)

11. Study colours.
Just experiement a bit with colours, make some combinations that you like and most important see what looks good on you. This a fashion rule so important for me, but I think that so few people really care about it. You can create an amazing look but with colours that don't fit you and all your work is ruined. Look for colours that bring forward and compliment your figure.

So here are my fashion rules that come to my mind, I know that I have more hidden somewhere in my brain, but for now, here are the most important ones.

I would love to hear about your fashion rules! Please share!

Hope you enjoyed my post and it will inspire you somehow.


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  1. great advice! and I like how you illustrated it.
    I'd be glad to share my "wisdom", but I've never thought of any rules - and even when I did, I found myself breaking them :)

  2. Glad you liked it. You should make a post about your rules this spring-summer. There, I tag you to do this post. I think it will be extremly interesting ;) See you at the fair!


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