vineri, 29 aprilie 2011

New priorities

Yes, I used to write about expensive fashion items that I want. I am running through another phase right now, with brand new priorities. Of course, I'm still in love with the chanel bag, not to mention the vintage kelly one, but  at this moment, I am dreaming of owning some designer pieces of furniture. Even more expensive than my other dream.:))
In this new phase of my life, I am tempted to find and use handmade items, young designers clothes and so on. The first place where I start searching was Breslo, the community of romanian handmade artisans, designers and vintage sellers. So I wish to start a new category of my blog where I'll be presenting you my amazing finds. ;)
The first one will be Toot Stuff(Clothing-Jewelry-Bags by Ana Marchetanu), I really felt in love with the  necklaces and I'm even more extatic about the clothes. Here are my favourite items:
Ok, I'll stop here. Having trouble with picking a favourite? Yes, I had that problem too,I think number four defintely is my favourite. Or number two? Or number one? Or maybe number three? :D Anyway, check the rest here, if you want to make your decision even harder and also check her blog here

Bye for now,

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