miercuri, 20 aprilie 2011


After attending the fair from last saturday,(at the fair I got the lovely hair pin that I was wearing in the look of the day section- it's by kittenhood) I thought I deserve a nice treat. Since I have a period when I'm obssesing about accesories, they seem to be the best choice to purchase. Since I started to make accesories I got the syndrom " I won't buy this, I can make it myself" so I picked up some of the items that I really can't do myself. I've been lusting for a statement necklace for a while now  but I never even dreamed of finding this amazing beautiful work of art at such a low price. Nope, it's not second-hand. :)
I'm waiting for the best ocassion to wear it, I'll publish my look of the day for sure when I'll be wearing this beauty.
About this necklace I really can't say much, except that it was love at first sight and it really reflects my style and personality.
I made this tiny-resin roses for the fair, I was planning on selling them but since the buyers were interested in other items (especially unique ones), I will keep them for myself. They seem to have magic powers: making even the most grey day  pink and sunny.
Last but not least, I bought this earrings that I love and I couldn't capture in the picture their natural charm. They are so beautiful and give me the sensation of caramel. Plus they are clips earrings which makes them just perfect for me. I'll add them to my collection which is increasing more and more, I'm planning to make a post about it.

Ok, I wanted to add this at the end of the post. My surprise for you is that the necklaces are from Meli Melo*. I know how controversial this brand is, especially among handmade artisans, but I'm using the chance, not to defend them, but to tell you that you don't have to guide yourself and YOUR TASTES after the brands and prices. I know this is such a clichee, but I really learned to buy something that I like without carring about this insignificant details. Are you with me?

* O sa scriu aceasta chestiune in romana, pentru ca mi-e greu sa traduc in engleza. Ma enerveaza la culme (culmea culmilor!) cand aud un asa zis artizan numind accesoriile de la Meli Melo-chinezarii. Cel mai mare semn de ipocrizie dintre toate este acesta, in ideea in care toate accesoriile metalice, toate charm-urile, toate tortitele de cercei si toate margele  din magazinele de specialitate pentru furnituri, pe care artizanii si le achizitioneaza provin din....China. Iar ideea de serie nici nu mai trebuie discutata, sunt extrem de multi aceia din lumea handmade-ului care pot fi acuzati de aceleasi greseli: serie si chinezarie.

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  1. agreed. I sometimes buy their stuff, too, although I often find it overpriced and I often have that "I could do this myself" feeling. but brand is less important that the product in the end.

  2. You should go check out the store NOW! It's a middle season sale and the prices are extremly LOW. And of course, show us your purchases ;)


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