joi, 14 aprilie 2011

Spring-summer 2011 Diane Von Furstenberg

 With all my tasks for school completed this week I am now free to prepare fresh new posts and prepapre for a lovely fair I am gonna attend this saturday. So fun days coming up for me! :D

Speaking of fresh, just take a look at Diane Von Furstenberg's collection and tell me if you don't feel its freshness and the smell of mint coming towards you. Is it just me? Of course, I love the collection this is the reason it's here but the thing that I love most about it, well, actually the things, are the colours! Just look at the combination of colours!! Perfect or what? The looks are somehow monoblock outfits but the colours are not strong,but more like in dusty shades. PERFECT! not to mention how much I love the lemon yellow, tourqoise with brown, black and white with electric blue and last but not least the outfits with diferent prints combined in such a clever way. I'm so extatic about this collection because it really is something you can find inspiration in, and the style is accesible. I forgot about the oversized jackets which I (personally) am crazy about!

The outfits with highlights are my personal favourites.

Photos: style. com
Mix of photos: me

Hope you enjoyed my post and it can inspire you somehow.


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