vineri, 1 aprilie 2011


 Are you a little bit confused as I am, not knowing it you love it or hate it? I learned to appreciate things even if I'm probably never gonna wear them. But I also learned to never say never. :)
I must admit I loved the runaway looks with jumpsuits and I think that jumpsuits fit very well the celebrities I picked. I don't usually am a rihanna fan, especially when it comes to fashion and her style but I think that this look suits her very well.
As for Kourtney Kardashian , I really love her sens of style, combining new with vintage and you gotta love her for having the courage to wear jumpsuits even if they are not very flattering for her figure. But she looks amazing, my opinion.
Conclusion: with some creative combinatios, jumpsuits (long or short, elegant or casual) can be a "tres chic" alternative.

And here are some jumpsuits that I found on polyvore.

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