luni, 30 mai 2011

Giambattista Valli

This week was one of the weeks when the word CREATE is all you can think of, when coffee seems more vital than the air and sleep is a blessing. And the worst part is I still have ahead the hardest two weeks of this entire semester. In times like this, I just like to take 2 hours and watch beautiful pictures, search inspiring designers and just take a break from all.
A real sight for sore eyes was giambattista valli for spring 2011.

When I saw this collection I just thought how much I love when a person looks so neat and comfortable. I then realised that this is also the first thing I look at another person outfit.  The palette of colours looks divine, I love the nude with orange and the little white dressses.(a must in this season, my opinion). I was also glad to see some nice animal print comabinations since it dissapered completely this season and I wasn't prepared at all for this. (i'm crazy about animal print details).
And also....Is it just me or the dresses from the last picture are to-die-for??? (seeing these dresses, makes me wonder, how on earth can some celebrities choose such ugly dresses for the red carpet, when this beauties are available?)

As always, I got the pictures from and mixed them myself.

Have a great day!

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