luni, 9 mai 2011

You have to read this

I have this thing with pants, this spring I just felt the need to make them shorter, I love the undefined length, above the ankles length and I dont know why, but it didn't even occured to me to go shorten them at a tailor. I just rolled them inside. And apparently I'm not the only one!! :))
Please read below this delicious article:
“Ah, yeah, nice. You know what I really like? I like that it doesn’t have jean hem. It’s really cool.”
Totally flabbergasted (Is that how you say it or does it sound super stupid?), I say to him :
“Ummm… Actually, it’s just a cuff. I rolled it inside. What could be more normal than that?” (Aha! Mr. Sartorialist!)
A few days later, I was with my friend Kate at Café Mogador and we spent a half hour talking about her shoes when suddenly she up and says…
“And you didn’t even notice… I made a little shout out to you. Look! I made a French Cuff!!!”
Totally flabbergasted, the sequel.
“How is that a French cuff? Don’t you do that here? Roll your pants in on the inside just because you’re too damn lazy to go get them hemmed?
“No! It’s something I’ve only seen on Frenchies. It’s so chic!!!”
Totally flabbergasted, the end.
After the sailor shirt, again, I needed to move all the way to New York to learn that we Frenchies are special up to the way we do our hems… So if you’ve ever wondered how we get our charm, style and our, je ne sais quoi…
Well it’s actually that we’re too lazy to go get our stuff tailored!>>

I got it from  garance.

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