luni, 6 iunie 2011

Fashion Illustrator

It's been a while since I discovered a great fashion illustrator (I didn't search enough to be honest.) But I remembered that I didn't post about my favourite one Arturo Elena. I already did a post with some of his illustration with vintage compared to present (check it here and here).
Anyway, I'm sure you'll love it, the style is special and unique. He is in the bussiness for 25 years and this self-taught artist is now reconognized internationally after working with great companies. His illustration are drawn by hand and only sometimes he uses photoshop for some shades or background. Although, the proportions of his drawings are unrealistic, he inspires himself frompicture, magazines etc.

This is only a small part of his work, you can go check more on his website.

Have a fantastic day!

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