marți, 28 iunie 2011


I have waited for these sales to arrive for 3 months now and I was getting frustrated waiting, building strategies in my head, perfect outfits for the sales hunting and then...they were here! The sales! I'm quite happy with what I got and I have the feeling that this isn't over but my laptop had a nervous breakdown after this crazy year at school (I can't blame him) and he(yes, I know you can't say "he" referring to a laptop, I was supossed to write "it" but he's my little brother) needed a delicate operation which made a hole in my student budget. But I'm happy to have him back in the family!
The shopping process was magical this year since I found my sizes at two stores where I NEVER find  my size. This is how I bought the blue electric skirt and the sandals.
Yes, I am an animal print lover for life! And a touqoise colour fan also.
I finally took the courage to buy the faux leather skirt which I'm loving more and more each day I'm looking at it. The electric blue skirt is the first item I bought from zara. No, I didn't live in the forests until today.
I didn't have time to create accesories lately but I sure did have time buying them! I'm curently in love with pocahontas inspired necklaces. It was love at first sight with the coloured one. And I also needed some coral bangles!

I had the most brilliant idea while shopping. I tried on every item I liked if I didn't have the money to get it. Because, it always happens to me to think about something I liked for months, feeling so angry I didn't have the possibilites to achieve it. So I tried this strategy and it worked! I tried on beautiful dressed that looked like crap on me, skirts that even on my size, didn't compliment my figure at all, oversized tops that looked like tents on me and this is how I got the cure I needed. Now I don't think about anything I left behind. I'm just happy with what I got.
I'm planning the 30 for 30 challenge that I'll start next week, Kendi, the creator, has already started it. And believe me, it will be a challenge, posting 30 outfits here!

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  1. I had no idea sales are on, I should get out of the house more :) your items are great!


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