vineri, 19 octombrie 2012


what other better way to start re-using the blog than a post with what I've done lately.So here goes:

I had a huge surprise to see that my blog still gets lots of visits! the surprise was even bigger when I noticed that most of the visitors are from the States. Thank you! Promise I''m not lazy anymore and will translate every post.

 Had an amazing trip visiting 4 wonderful cities: Krakow, Berlin, Copenhagen and Prague. Wanted to never come back. But I did.
 Saw my favorite animals

Gave in and bought some fake Isabel Marant Sneakers. The best fashion decision I took in 2 years because they're good looking and extremely comfortable. And they make me taller, yes!

Got ready for the fall trends with 2 diy projects
Started and almost finished the 'working space' Project
Re-made my Ombre Hair, turned out better than never (more on this subject soon)
saw a Picasso!!! a Picasso!!!!!!!!
discovered a great tv series: Happy Endings
discovered a great blog: 

...and another one:

all photos are mine except the last 3 ones, and they were took with Instagram- @roxanadan.

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  1. I enjoyed watching your "Eurotrip" on instagram & I'm glad you're back to the blog! Krisatomic is awesome, especially photography and illustration wise, and I've been meaning to check that new Tv show :)


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