sâmbătă, 24 noiembrie 2012

[Fashion Icon] Solange Knowles

Pe Beyonce o stie toata lumea, Solange va ramane intotdeauna sora mai mica si mai putin celebra. Din pacate. Mie imi place foarte mult de ea, si mai ales alegerile sale vestimentare din ultima perioada. Si-a cultivat un stil propriu, chic si unic, dupa pararea mea. Prin presa, e uneori apreciata alteori desfiintata total. Imi aduce aminte de colectiile Marni, care pentru mine e casa de moda cu creatii desavarsite.

Everyone know Beyonce, unfortunately Solange will always be the younger and less famous sister. I like her a lot and I especially love the fashion choices she made lately. She developped a chic and unique style that I absolutely adore. Her outfits are hardly criticised in the press sometimes, but I like the way she reminds me of Marni and those insane combinations of prints, that I always considered perfect.

In case you missed her video 'Losing you', you should take a look, the song is great, the styling is perfect.

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  1. Your hair is just gorgeous!!! I have tried several of you styles. Thanks for the tips.


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