duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

[Inspiration]Oscar Niemeyer

Tribute to my favorite architect in the world. Tribute to his genius and unique work, that I absolutely love.
Oscar Niemeyer and his most famous work. Brasilia under construction.

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  1. i just read this article http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/entertainment/2012/11/11/oscar-niemeyer-doing-well-at-104-doctor-says/ and they say he's fine. i hope he is. his work is impressive and i love the photos u posted!

    1. Thanks for the link, I also read other articles, for example wikipedia and his death doesn't appear there. I don't know what happened but this is weird, some blogs and sites are writing that he is dead. I guess these are just stupid rumors and everything is ok.

  2. i guess that when you are 104 and in the hospital people jump to conclusions...


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