joi, 29 noiembrie 2012

[Random] Choies

De cand ma stiu, am fost in tabara anti copiat anti fake anti imitatie. Pana in momentul in care a trebuit sa scoata Isabel Marant tenisii aia ultra mega tari pacatuit. Acum, mi-e un pic rusine sa spun ca inca sunt in tabara anti fake, dar totusi cand am gasit site-ul asta mi-am dat seama ca inca sunt. E frumos sa te inspiri, dar sa furi asa mi se pare lipsa de respect. Desi ar trebui probabil sa fiu incantata de variantele low budget care mi se ofera pe tava, parca sunt asa... dezamagita.

Since I can remember I was on the fair side, the anti fake anti imitation side. Until Isabel Marant had to make those incredible beautiful sneakers and I sinned. And I'm not even sorry. After this little sin I still am on that side and I came to realise that the minute I discovered this website that sells copies of famous items that are super trendy at the moment. High fashion should inspire trends, of course, but there should be a line that doesn't need to be crossed. Show some respect.
I probably should be excited seeing these low budget options available but I'm just dissapointed and somehow embarassed. I could never wear any of that. Instead of investing in something that is a copy why not buy something original from a fresh-young designer? I'll never understand that!

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