marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

[For Him] Top 5 Style Details for Men

We all know and accept the fact that men's fashion is somehow limited. Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Coats. No matter what designers will try to launch, these are the basics that a regular man would wear. This is actually not a bad thing if you consider these awesome details that will spice things up!

If you put this on your t-shirt, no one will ever think you don't give a fuck, if you put this on your socks.. Yeah, you probably don't give a fuck!

If you're into t-shirts with a message, make sure you choose something unique and smart. Like this one!

Ok, no one will know it's there, but you will and sometimes it's better this way! haha

I just think it's great and have no words to convince you.

And the winner is.......And the winners are.....ALL THE DETAILS on Valentino Men Runaway show. The perfect mix of colours, textures and sporty meets classic.

Source of the last photo-jakandjil, for the rest of them-unknown

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