luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

[New Finds] Mitch McGee

Truth to be told, I've always been a fan of Pop Art. I never cared about opinions like it's kitsch art, or it's an art for the masses. I don't actually bother being included in the masses, I don't care about being called "an original". But, we're not here to talk about social problems, we're here to see a perfect reinterpretation of Pop Art, which I thought it wasn't possible. Pop Art is so unique that if you want to update it, you have to copy it, there's nothing else you can do. Well, Mitch McGee found a way and I surely love the result!

"I am currently focusing on a collection using plywood that sits somewhere between painting and sculpture. I illustrate, cut, sand, stain, and assemble each piece by hand. The work consists of layered birch stacked in a way that makes sense dimensionally for the subject. There is warmth to the wood grain that is appealing. It compliments the subtle shadows created by layers of wood."(Mitch McGee)

More of his work and the source of the abovo pictures, here!

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