miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013

[Personal] 2013 Fashion Resolutions

Among the classic resolutions "stop drinking, eating junk and smoking', 'go to the gym', 'read more', 'be nice to people', this year I got some new ones. Fashion related ones.

1. Be bold
There were so many times when I dressed in a certain way and kindda liked it and just before leaving the house, ran back and changed the whole outfit. It was 'not my style', 'too fancy', 'too eclectic'. Excuses excuses excuses!

2. Try new styles
Since I can remember I was the 'boho style' girl and somehow this isn't working for me anymore. I need some refinement in my wardrobe, I feel the need to try out new styles. Currently hooked on Minimalist and Eclectic styles.

3.Quality over Quantity
Yeah, this will be a hard one! I have more than 6 items in my wardrobe that still have the price tag on and they're 6 months old. I bought so many things last year just because they were on sale and just because I needed something new, without thinking first. 2013, I promise I will buy only quality items and only because I really really like them. I need to invest in a nice leather jacket, a white shirt, a good quality red lipstick and a high waisted pair of pants.

4. Taking inspiration from Rihanna
Yes, Rihanna. You read it right. I guess I surprised myself with this one but I like her style more and more.

5. Change my hair
I can't say I didn't have courage when it comes to hair styles. I had black, red, violet, orange, burgundy, dark blonde, long, short hair but there's still a haircut left that I didn't try.

*Nota pentru cititorii romani: Toate postarile vor fi scrise in lb. engleza, pentru ca imi exersez engleza pentru testul Cambridge. Cand voi avea timp, voi scrie si in romana.

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  1. love your resolutions - I'm especially into buying less useless stuff and investing in quality pieces, although it's so hard to do! I could surely use the leather jacket, white shirt and high waisted pants myself :)

    1. So it's settled then! 2013 is for must have essentials items! :D


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