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[Personal] The faux-leather Shorts

When I wrote my fashion resolutions for 2013, I was feeling confident and on top of the situation. Well, that didn't last long since the sales started shortly after that, quicker than I expected, usually sales were on, starting with the end of January. I fought, I was brave, I was strong but in the end I sinned. I am a ferm believer I'm in war with Kharma. and she always win.
I bought a pair of shorts. Faux Leather ones. It was love at first sight, the price was affordable and my size was waiting for me in the front line. I grabbed them and didn't look back. When I arrived home I realised they are totally out of my comfort zone and they don't actually fit in my wardrobe. But I decided to make this love story work.

The Tumblr chick- This is a classic one spotted on tumblr and lookbook.nu so many times it almost became boring. Almost! Camel matches black and white perfectly in my opinion and mixing stripes with leopard print is always a good idea!

The Casual-Comfortable-Faux Leather shorts are good for an undecided weather. It's warm but it's almost raining, it's spring but it almost feels like summer. Pair them with an oversized sweater and a statement necklace and you're good to go. Add a pair of oxfords and you'll feel comfortable and stilish at the same time.

The Minimalist Chick-Why so hooked on such few items? Because when I wear heels I can't focus on anything else and I don't need things to distract me. In case you decide to take my exemple, add a pair of amazing shoes or sandals to break the monotony.

The Boho Chic-You can't go wrong with some nice shades of brown or beige, some feather earrings and cute wedge sandals. Add a pop of color with a fun bag, belt or a fun turban.

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