joi, 3 ianuarie 2013

[Random] let's talk about fashion

Are you familiar with this bag? Wait, did you think it's the back of a deer? Well it's a bag with the fur from the back of the deer.
I love this look of Miranda Kerr, but I didn't like the bag. I find it somehow disturbing. And I stumbled upon it today on Pinterest where I found lots of comments using the words 'cruel', 'disgusting', 'poor baby deer', 'this is murder'. Is it? I realized I don't like it all, and I wouldn't buy it in a million years, but I bet all the people who used such big words, have at least one leather item at home. I was never the type of person who would throw red paint on furs on a runaway but I'm not a fan also. I am a ferm believer that we use leather to keep ourselves warm and we use fur for the same reasons. But why use fur for a bag? This seems to me like a total waste, and I guess this makes it disturbing for me. But I still imagine those deers died because they were old and Proenza Schouler just found them that way.

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