sâmbătă, 2 februarie 2013

[Collection] Simone Rocha SS2013

 I've never heard of Simone Rocha but a picture on Tumblr with a transparent bag got my attention and that's when I found out that behind this cool name lies an entire collection of very cool clothes and accesories.
One of the most important things I learned in school is that the most difficult thing to do is creating something simple and beautiful at the same time. Simone Rocha really pulls it off in this collection, using simple lines, black and white, pop of colors and leather items and of course transparencies here and there.

My favorite: Picture nr. 3, look nr 1.

All pictures from simonerocha.

Un comentariu:

  1. those amazing bags caught my eye too! I love the white and neon green in the collection, plus the textures.


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