miercuri, 6 martie 2013

[Collection] Celine Fall 2013

In case you didn't read this article, you should. And then you should also read Leandra's Medine reply, it's probably even better.
I won't write about it altough I totally agree that fashion week has become a circus, or at least that's what it looks like from here, far far away, in front of a laptop display. A circus and a desperate cry for attention which is kinda lame if you ask me, and yes, I am kinda nobody in the fashion world but since this is my personal blog after all, am I aloud to write it, with caps lock on.
But there was a certain paragraph on "The Circus of Fashion" that Suzy Menkes wrote and that made me think:
It is great to see the commentaries from smart bloggers — especially those in countries like China or Russia, where there was, in the past, little possibility of sharing fashion thoughts and dreams — although I am leery about the idea that anyone can be a critic, passing judgment after seeing a show (from the front only and in distorted color) on or NowFashion.
And I realised she is so right. We should let the specialists write reviews about the collections, they probably know better, you know?
But this being my personal space, I will post the essentials from the collections I loved, and write about the reasons why I loved them.
Celine is on every blogger's lips and I don't have to wonder why since Celine has created once again those simple and yet fabulous looks.

Why I loved it: 
  • Because it really is for fall; boots, warm coats and comfortable materials. No furs with sandals and short pants. 
  • Oversized coats;
  • Light grey and light khaki look awesome together, I will defintely try this combination;

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