duminică, 24 martie 2013

[D.I.Y] Lace Necklace

Okay, it was about damn time a new D.I.Y would make an appeareance around here! I have so many ideas but somehow it seems like I can't manage my time right lately. But when I found this material, there was no turning back.
Yep, you got it right, there on the right is one the most kitch things that exists out there. Or at least here in Romania, it is. It's something to put on the table and it's not actually lace, it's another material (oil-cloth? did I get it right from the dictionary?) that imitates lace. Kitch right? I know. But what I learned in this 25 years since I've been around, is that you have to keep your eyes open and search for potential everywhere. And man, this fake lace thing had potential!

1. I decided which part would look good as a necklace;

2. I carrefully cut it up from the rest of the material;

3. I used the leather to create a base for the lace, I drew the model on the leather and then cut it up;

4. I added glue on the whole surface and let it dry for about one hour to make sure it will stay in place; After that I just added some chain and...

Not convince about the material? Stay tunned for more to see how I also used the material to create another cool fashion accesory! More on that next week!

9 comentarii:

  1. wow,amazing:X love the result,thx for the idea!

  2. wow superb <3 de unde ai luat fata aia de masa ca ma gandesc si eu sa imi fac ceva accesorii si e o idee buna :)

    1. Am luat servetul de la un magazin economic, sau cum se numesc, cu de toate pentru toti si preturi mici si imitatii :)) Magazin chinezesc, ceva de genul acela. :D

  3. love the idea! it's way more resistant than regular lace, you nailed it :)

  4. Ce tareeeee!!!Pe asta il incerc si eu ca nu pare greu. De unde sa-mi cumpar lant? :D

  5. Eu imi cumpar de pe magazine online, dar din cate stiu este si la nico claus, la metru. Daca vrei sa faci comanda online :) Spor!!! :D

  6. Great idea, just pinned it and I will try making this when I am able to find some lace.

  7. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cămășuța arată superb cu acele decorații ! :D


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