luni, 11 martie 2013

[Random] The Sneakers

When you can't afford those (extremely cool)  Zara sneakers, the best way to cool off is to create some sets on Polyvore and hope for the best. Like maybe, someday, those outfits will become reality.
Here are some ideas of outfits based on THE SNEAKERS:

1. A casual outfit with some relaxed pants and a top with a cool print. A super comfortable outfit for everyday activities.

2. This would be a little out of my comfort zone, for a special event. An edgy mix between sporty and chic.

3.An unusual combination but I think it would definetly work! I think the sporty sneakers would balance the feminine side of the dress creating a modern outfit. 

4. A classic combination I've seen on many street style blogs. The classic parka and sneakers combination,  which can never go wrong. Classic and stylish!

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