marți, 12 martie 2013

[TOP] 10 Looks from Paris Fashion Week

 10. Why I like it: Because of the coat and its lovely color that suits Hanneli perfectly! and because she used only 3 colors to create such a great outfit. I'm currently in love with matchy matchy outfits.

9. Why I like it: Because it's Leandra Medine and if it wasn't for her, it would never cross my mind that fur and a suit could look so perfect together. Talking about mixing feminine with masculine.

8. Why I like it: In a sea of "I'm trying too hard because it's fashion week" looks, it's refreshing to see such an effortless and relaxed look!

 7. Why I like it: Because it looks like a cool photo and because I got addicted with printed items since Dries Van Noten created that perfect collection.

6.Why I like it: Finally a well done mixing prints thing, which actually reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw. It may seem an easy thing to do, but it's actually extremely hard!

5. Why I like it: Because of the textures and how well they work together. I'm not even bothered with sandals during winter, I love the whole mix.

4. Why I like it: Because of the details. Socks with dots and top with stripes just took this common outfit to another level. The perfect exemple of looking casual and stylish without trying too hard.

3. Why I like it: Because she looks like a princess from a fairy tale book I have at home.

2.Why I like it: Because the only jackets I know cooler than this, are the one from the movie Drive and the one from number one on this top!

1. Why I like it: Because the details are flawless. The colours and textures, Proenza Schouler is the master of details!

All images via VOGUE

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