marți, 26 martie 2013

[TOP] 5 Looks from London Fashion Week

 Remember my top 10 looks from Paris fashion week? I virtually visited the streets of London and here is what I liked:

 5. Why I like it: Because Karlie Kloos is pretty and had the guts to chop her hair. And she did it perfectly, she looks more stylish this way!
4. Why I like it: Because it's one of those relaxed looks and warm and comfortable. You don't see that very often during fashion week so it's highly appreciated, from my side!

3. Why I like it: Because seeing female friends with incredible good taste in fashion melts my heart. ALWAYS.

2. Why I like it: Because leather pants can exist in a non-skinny shape. At the moment I love them more than the skinny ones. Extra poins for the color scheme and pointy shoes. She didn't make 'till second place for nothing!
1. Why I like it: Because I realise how hard it is to dress so simple and look so incredible. It's even harder than dressing like Anna dello Russo. What I loved most about this look is the confidence she has and the reasons behind it!

All pictures via Vogue.

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