joi, 28 martie 2013

[Wishlist] Black Shoes

Just wait a minute or two until I finish dreaming about these ..oh well, dream shoes. Are they perfect? Yes, they are! Do I have the money to buy them? Not really. Do I feel sorry I spent an amount of money buying things I didn't need during sales? Yes , I DO! I've seen these live and the photos don't make them justice.Sure they look a little bit too masculine, but in reality their amount of masculinity is just perfect. I even like those little studs on them! The label is CA4LA.

Here is how I'd wear them, if I'd own them..

 Their design is a little edgy so I'd go with it. I'd choose a printed shirt and the rest of the outfit dark or neutral. Black shorts, no jewelry or black minimalist one. Feminine but defintely not delicate or romantic.

For the second one, I'd use kind of the same idea, playing between feminine and masculine, using masculine pants and an ultra feminine top- a sheer one or a lace one. I'd try to keep it simple with accesories, all eyes would be on the shoes, anyway.

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