miercuri, 3 aprilie 2013

[TOP] 5 Trends to try this spring/summer

5. Romanian traditional prints. All items I've seen featuring romanian traditional prints are beautiful, unique and really expensive. This will probably involve a D.I.Y, I'm still on the search for the perfect material.

4. Multiple necklaces. I suck at creating an arm party, but I just may be better at organinzing a neck party, since my love for necklace is endless so is my collection of them.

3. Metalic shoes. Okay, I'm in love. Can't wait to buy me some of these and match them with golden, grey and black and above all with white and nude. Is anything more perfect than silver+white or silver+nude? Nope, I don't think so! Hint: Nice pair of metalic flats at Bershka.

2. Boyish looks. Masculine pants + a silk shirt or a sheer one equals perfection for me at the moment. I lost all my patience waiting for spring so I can wear my masculine pants with shirts and statement necklaces and oxfords.

1. Blazers with shorts. This is a trend I've loved from the first sight but didn't think it will work on me. But when I saw Matthew Williamson's Spring 2012 collection I thought this could be possible. You don't have to be all matchy matchy, just be careful when choosing the right pair of pants, they shouldn't be to sporty. Add a shirt, with or without sleeves, or a simple top and you're good to go.

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  1. Dintre aceste tendinte prezentate de tine, aleg: imprimeurile traditionale ♥ si sacourile cu pantaloni scurti, mi se par foarte hot!


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