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[Collection] Les by Lesia Paramonova

Multe nu sunt de spus, o s-o citez pe Lesia Paramonova cu cateva ceva despre colectie. O sa spun doar ca pe langa designul hainelor, imi place mult mult si partea de fotografie, care este chiar extrem de artistica si in ton cu toata povestea colectiei. Cred ca o sa urmeze si o partea a doua a postului, cu o editie limitata creata de aceasi Lesia. Fotografii realizate de Kholkina.

Dear Friends!
I want to tell you about my new collection!

The uniform became the main inspiration. These are the models of a very simple silhouettes with specific surrealistic prints.
 The main theme is still the wood, already not so real, but surreal, fairy-like, full of fantastic animals and unusual plants: instead of wings ducks could have leaves, and there suddenly could be mouse growing on blackberry bushes.
For this collection I created the prints  by transforming my  illustrations that’s why there is an impression that the prints have been drawn on a fabric with a simple pencil. 
While creating this collection, I imagined the teenage girl from the Soviet past, with bows, stockings and in a traditional school uniform.
It is, in some way, nostalgia on an image of the Soviet school student, but changed and passed through a prism of modern perception.


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