sâmbătă, 4 mai 2013

[New finds] Rebel Walls

Sunt unele fete care inca din copilarie/ adolescenta isi viseaza si planuiesc in detalii nunta. Sau cel putin asa am auzit, eu nu prea cunosc. Dar mai sunt si alte fetite care isi viseaza si planuiesc pana in cel mai mic detaliu locuinta de vis. Eu din asta sunt. Si daca nu era destul de nebunie in capul meu cu atatea idei si stiluri si inspiratie, am mai gasit un element caruia musai, DA MUSAI, trebuie sa-i fac loc in scrapbook-ul mental.
E vorba de tapetele de inspiratie botanica, de la Rebel Walls. 

There are girls who dream about their wedding since childhood or teenage years, or at least that's what I heard and seen in movies. But there are other little girls that daydream all of their life about the perfect apartament. I'm in this category. The decoration of my apartament is getting closer and closer and the madness in my head and ideas is bigger and bigger. On top of that, the new finds of today came to completly mess me up. They've been added to my mental scrapbook.
I am talking about the botanical wallpapers, from Rebel Walls.

Which one is your favorite?


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