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[TOP] 8 fashion items with Frida Kahlo

To me, Frida Kahlo is one talented artist and a fascinating woman. At least that's the impression the movie gave me and all the materials I read about her. Her style and sense of fashion is defintely an endless source of inspiration and I guess many people can see this. On Etsy, the collection of items inspired by Frida Kahlo is impressive but I made a selection of 8 items and here they are: (p.s click on every description to see the product on etsy)

 8. Pastel Frida Tote Bag. I like the total cuteness of this bag and the fact that it's hand painted. I would defintely wear this with pride around the city!

7. Frida brooch or magnet. Having frida on my fridge would be so cool but having frida on a white shirt would be even cooler!
6.Frida Brooch. I really love illustrations and I think that combining them with creating jewelry is always a good idea. What I liked about this is that it captures all the specific details that made Frida's style so special.

5.Frida T-shirt. This is not that original but I still think it would look totally great with a statement necklace, red lips and a high bun.

4. Frida ornament set. Now here's something I would use for decor in my working space. I love the originality, the simple choice of colors and the fact that this set can be used in many ways.

3. Eyeglasses casses. At first, to be honest, I thought this was a bag and I liked it but when I found out it's actually a eyeglasses/ sunglasses cases, I loved it. Isn't this the most cool eyeglasses case ever??

2. Iphone 4s Case. The only reason why I regret not owning and Iphone is the variety of iphone casses. There are so many models available everywhere, I believe it would be impossible not to find something to like. Well, I do love this one, the colors are fantastic!

1.Frida Kimono. I am developping an obsession for kimonos, I have one that I wore twice but I always look at it with love. Like I did with all the kimonos at Zara during sales. They are beautiful but I hardly find the proper ocassions for them in my current life style. When I stumbled upon this I was just amazed how beautiful it can be. it's perfect.

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  1. the tote is the loveliest thing! you can rarely see frida made cute like this.


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