duminică, 9 august 2015

[Cool Hunting] The New Devil's Dictionary

Intr-o lume in care Codul Bunelor Maniere ar trebui cu disperare upragadat si chiar modificat pe alocuri, ma gandeam ca probabil si dictionarul ar trebui sa aiba aceeasi soarta. Cineva s-a gandit la fel ca mine si s-a si pus pe treaba. Asa ca ... va prezint noul dictionar pentru 2015 ! Eu am extras cateva defintii care mi-au placut mult mult, pe restul le descoperiti pe The Verge de unde aflati mai multe despre acest proiect. :)

Apple (n.): A shadowy cult of technologists who sell Trojan horses containing U2 albums. 

blogger (n.): An invasive species with no natural predators.

climate (n.): Long-term consequences created by short-term thinkers. 

comment (v.): The digital equivalent of leaving a flaming bag of shit on someone's doorstep. Instead of running away, the commenter knocks politely and asks the homeowner to thank them. 
Dr. Oz (n.): A doctor less credible in administering medical advice than his cousin, a fictional magician living in a sparkling emerald fortress. 

earnings (n.): A quarterly report on a company’s success in squeezing its customers and paying its employees just enough to prevent them from dying.  

hacker (n.): Anybody who understands computers more than you do. 

Instagram (n.): A persistent reminder that people you know can afford more expensive restaurants and better vacations than you. 

librarian (n.): A vestigial crypt keeper who may be useful if they possess a Wi-Fi password. 
offline (adj.): Deceased. 

Photoshop (n.): A picture worth a thousand lies. 

selfie (v.): A perfectly rendered self-portrait offering a facsimile of the subject’s appearance, physical well-being, social status, and income, often fabricated in close proximity to one’s toilet.

Windows Phone (n.): A phone likely to be seen flying out of a window. 



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