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[Inspiration] Pink Hair

The truth is...I always wanted to be blonde. Just to see if blondes  have more fun and....because it would make it much easier to dye my hair pink! I had a lot of bravery in the past when it comes to hair but this is just a line I can't cross. I could easily dye my blonde ends in a shade of pastel pink but I don't like half measures things. No Sir! I just want all my hair pastel pink.
It all started with Gwen Stefani, when she made an appereance with that pink hair,I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

 Lily Allen
Unfortunately, Tumblr is full of pictures with girls with pink hair but you never know which one is real and which one is photoshoped. And we can all agree that Tumblr is full of Photoshop. Just for inspiration, the above picture with no source to mention.

Then there were two images that got stucked in my head forever. Scarlett Johansson wearing a pink wig in Lost in Translation and Natalie Portman wearing a similar wig in Closer.  The image from Closer will probably hunt me forever, I think it's one of the sexiest looks I ever saw.

And here they are, other girls who couldn't help but risk it all and become proud owners of PINK hair:
 Kate Moss
 Mary Kate Olsen
 Elizabeth Olsen

Charlotte Free

And my version, with a wig I bought for almost nothing at H&M, the other day.